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Physical Therapy App Badges

GoMotive is a local Seattle based start-up that aims to bridge the gap between physical therapists and their customers, that came to me to help with gamification.


GoMotive has two platforms, a practitioner side, and a client side. For this project they needed a design system to improve engagement on the client side in an emotionally memorable way. They had a basic numerical point system in place for users to earn. The goal was to incorporate a set of badges that the user could achieve to positively encourage specific behaviors over others.


• UX/UI design
• visual design

I worked as a team with the lead designer & co-founder. 


I worked with the team to map out basic user journeys. From there we identified points of engagement on the journeys with the potential to have the most impact. From there I defined categories for the badges that would provide instant feedback to encourage behavior change for that particular action based on the business needs. I sketched out ideas based on those categories to turn into icons. I worked with the senior designer to narrow the icon imagery down and refine the look and feel.


14 badges in 4 categories to support a range of behaviors.

1. Level up badges- based on point structure, ranging from highest to lowest (hare to lion).

2. Goal orientated badges - for completing or setting a goal, such as setting a workout plan

3. Encouragement badges - for supporting a positive reward for general use, such as "Great Job!"

4. Task completions - for completing specific tasks, such as completing a workout


A set of icons to be used on the web, and native app to serve as badges.


A solid UX foundation for engagement in a clear format to support growth.


early sketches
mood board
style guide

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