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Traditional Line is a luxury architecture restoration company in Manhattan that restores old buildings. They cater to high-end clients including The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The New York Yacht Club, and The Dakota Building.


Traditional Line purchases hard-to-find antique parts and contracts highly specialized services. They relied on a limited Rolodex for contacts in Filemaker Pro, and a pile of manufacturer catalogs dating as far back as the 1960's. Vital information was often lost, unobtainable, and disorganized. They needed a clear digital system to search for niche services and products, and recording logistical information for purchasing.


As the purchasing manager, I designed and built the database from beginning to end.


Research - information architecture, interviews with experts, gather & sort analog resources

Define Metrics for Success - define product vision, address possible roadblocks for success

Exploration - mind maps, wireframe sketching, content strategy, dev logistics for content migration

Validation - proof of concept in file maker pro, UX testing

Execution - product revisions based on UX insights & content needs

Repeat Steps (As Needed)


I created a robust database in Filemaker Pro. This made it easy to build by myself (drag and drop), and easy for others to use in the office, as they were familiar with the software. Additionally, I was able to import the contacts data from the existing Rolodex to categorize relevant information to purchasing. This integrated 20 years of important data that was already digitized, and made it much more accessible. I accomplished this by categorizing the data into horizontal tabs and defining a clear and vast taxonomy structure specific to purchasing. The design also allowed for easy expanse as more content was compiled.


A database in Filemaker Pro.


The database revolutionized the business by changing the process of ordering and tracking products making it highly efficient, and much less painful. It also created an invaluable digital tool capable of dynamic change.


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