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Allrecipes.com is an international food recipe site. They have 19 websites localized around the globe with 35 million visits a month.


There was no cohesive design vision for the international platform. This led to internal conflict while trying to address the design needs for the business. The goal was to create cohesion for our cross-cultural platform with an appropriate tone for our unique international audiences. This way I could implement a clear design strategy to align the international departments internally with the overall business strategy.


My role was to lead the design strategy by creating directing to bring the international team together.


Research - Listen and record as much as possible. Show the team I value them and use their expertise to build a new unified story together. Build it further by conducting market research.  

Define Metrics for Success - Demonstrate the value of design strategy and guide the team through the steps to build confidence and support. Design a project plan, creative brief, and establish stakeholders.

Exploration - Consolidate the story/research and present to stakeholders. Describe the strengths and weaknesses using a range of design identity examples for reference. Conduct team workshops to produce a vocabulary for the key values and brand personality traits to give an identity to our story.

Validation - Present visual representations (moodboards) to the experts and the stakeholders to validate a visual identity alongside the written identity.

Execution - Design & consolidate content into a style guide.  


A cohesive, yet accessible online style guide to establish a foundation for the new branding, including basic design assets and product style guide that could easily be used, shared internally and externally.

See the Full Style Guide Here >


1. A united cross-cultural design strategy for Allrecipes International:

 - Development of the International Allrecipes values & tone

- A brand new visual system for sales, marketing and product


Having a cohesive vision transformed design decisions and produced high productivity. It allowed for internal and external reference to keep us aligned with the brand, especially with new product designs. Consequently, it built a functional space for design to prosper and grow moving forward.


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