UX/UI Design

Ad Product Design

Allrecipes.com is an international food recipe site. They have 19 websites localized around the globe with 35 million visits a month.


In order to keep up with sales demand, I needed to design a new recipe centered interactive ad product ready to sell for our international markets. The lifecycle of our custom ad products was complicated at best. It involved various internal teams, clients and ad houses from all over the world in various time zones. To maximize profit, an agile way to design these custom ad products efficiently from inception to development was vital. The goal was to create a lean UX centered product while streamlining the process.


• UX/UI design
• UX writing
• visual design

I worked with the sales and marketing team as the sole designer.


Research - sales requirements/needs, international ad requirements & industry specs, map of ad product journey process/sales map, UX & dev capabilities

Define Metrics for Success - design a project plan, define goals, set deliverables

Exploration - sketching, brainstorming, high resolution mocks, low resolution wireframes, content strategy

Validation - prototypes, feedback from clients & ad houses abroad, internal testing

Execution - design revisions based on prototype/insights internally & from clients

Repeat Steps (As Needed)


1. I created prototypes to demo, wireframes with UX specs, marketing slides, and a creative brief. These were important because they simplified communication and established product rules from the beginning, setting good boundaries throughout the process.

2. I designed a 3-4 recipe carousel ad unit with CTA button, and two banner ads. This was the sweet spot. It was enough content for users and for our clients needs, yet manageable enough to create each time.


Wireframes and high-fi mock, and prototypes for internal and external use for clients and ad houses. 

See Invision Prototype for Mobile ›


This project allowed us to add a new suite of efficient, profitable ad products with a higher reach on the site than was previously available to advertisers. It also gave us tools to gain valuable insights into our sales business moving forward.



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